What cooks should know


Just in case something goes wrong, we’ll back you up.

What does the Cook Protection cover?
Although it’s unlikely you’ll experience food illness or property damage on ChefsFeed, we understand you need to be protected just in case. The Cook Protection provides coverage for up to $1,000,000 in the rare event of damages of guests' property or bodily injury during a experience. The policy also provides ‘host liquor liability’ which covers the Cooks for negligence claims resulting in bodily injury or guests’ property damage arising from the guest(s)’ consumption of the alcohol the participant(s)’ bring to the event. In other words, coverage is limited to guest(s) consuming liquor they’ve brought and served themselves (BYOB, BYOW, BYOL) to the event.
What does the Cook Protection not cover?
The policy does not protect the Cook's own property, personal property, or business property. In addition, the policy does not provide liability coverage for Cooks who serve or sell liquor during the events. Any Cooks wanting to serve or sell liquor at the events will be in violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Cook Protection policy, and will be solely responsible for any claims arising from the furnishing of liquor. For Cooks using multiple platforms to market their experiences, please note that this policy extends only to guests who have purchased their experience through ChefsFeed. This is the policy as feastly understands it. However, all claims submitted are handled between our insurance provider and the person who files the claim on a case by case basis. The insurance provider decides what is and is not applicable per each claim within the policy.
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Tips for getting started

Personalize your menu

Start with the food that’s most meaningful to you. If you’re smiling thinking of it, we’re sure it’s delicious.

Marketing basics

Whether it’s descriptions, titles, or photography, use the most enticing words and images that make your experiences ‘share’ worthy.

Thoughtful details

From preparing the table, leaving refreshments, or sharing meaningful backstories, the smallest details make the biggest difference.
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