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Urgencies & Emergencies, or UNE, provides Kiwis in Auckland and Christchurch access to emergency dental care. UNE simplifies the process of searching for an emergency dentist or 24 hour dentist by showing professionals that are available near you.

Dental emergencies are normally associated with acute dental pain and need to be quickly remedied. However, trying to organise emergency dental appointments, especially in the weekends or in the wee hours of the night, can be close to impossible and become an added stress.

Urgencies & Emergencies has simplified the way you can search for an available dentist. Much like searching for a restaurant near you, you can now search for an emergency dentist near you within the Auckland and Christchurch regions. Finding the appropriate professional dentist that can help you with your urgent dental needs therefore becomes less stressful with a single click.
Online bookings are also available if your chosen dental practice provides online bookings as an option.

Urgencies & Emergencies aims to continuously provide an efficient link for patients with urgent needs to connect with health practitioners. This way, the services and expertise offered by health professionals can be maximised with the help of technology by the general public.

If you require urgent dental care, visit https://une.nz/ today to find an emergency dentist near you!

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