About me

Chef Skai is a Vegan and Raw food Chef, a Nutritional Consultant, Doula, and Natural Lifestyle Coach. She has over 15 years’ experience in the holistic health field including nutritional and herbal consulting, natural birthing and parenting, managing and owning a vegan café, juice bar and catering business in Baltimore, MD...The Yabba Pot, and in Puerto Rico…Paradise Wellness, where she hosts healing and detoxification retreats and programs and The Roots and Fruits Vegan Juice Bar Cafe and a host of other healing services. She has traveled to the world’s premiere wellness centers: Hippocrates Health Institute, Tree of Life, Ann Wigmore Institute… and continues to study in the areas of detoxification, nutrition and self-empowerment. She has led numerous healthy living workshops at the Ponce School of Medicine, University of DC, and other locations of distinction.

In addition, Chef Skai who is highly intuitive is mother to 5 busy vegetarian children, all delivered naturally, breastfed and un-vaccinated. These rich life experiences, combined with her background in holistic health, make her an abundant source of powerful guidance and healing to assist others in adopting a natural healthy lifestyle. She is considered by many to be one of the most passionate wellness connoisseurs of our younger generation

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