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I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like very many vegetables. Oy! I do really enjoy exploring the new realm of plant-based (meat-like) proteins. Alisa is an Omnivore/foodie, former restaurant chef and long-time culinary arts and hospitality management educator/instructor. We like good cocktails (esp if mezcal is involved), otherwise I'll be sipping straight liquor and she'll be favoring a craft ale. My go-to's for cuisine style are Italian and Mexican/SW; her's is Asian - all of it, from Japanese to Chinese, to Korean...all of it.

I have a small company called Thoughtly Crew. We specialize in creative thinkers for brainstorming new concepts when companies, brands, etc. are running innovation projects. When Alisa is not instructing future chefs and hospitality leaders, she is working on her aerial skills as a semi-pro circus enthusiast and instructing technique and fitness classes that include aerial arts, yoga and more.

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