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I knew I would make a career and life in the restaurant and hospitality field since 1963 at the age of 5. Followed my Corporate Sales Executive father around our So. Cal kitchen until '69 when we moved due to his career going madly successful, landing us in a northern NJ (Bergen County) bedroom community of NYC. Dad's career took a turn for the BEST for he and I when in 1975 we moved to Brussels, Belgium. I graduated from The International School of Brussels (8th on the 10 Best Int'l. Schools List world-wide!) in '76 and started in cooking at small Cafes and Bistros in Brussels for a couple of years. Back stateside I meandered up and down the eastern seaboard then to PA and WY to work a Dude Ranch or two before settling in the SF Bay area in 1980, Worked in SF , married and moved to the Napa Valley and bee-bopped back to SF, the east bay and back to the Napa Valley. All the while raised 2 awesome daughters and in a few weeks, Lillian and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. I am retired but cooking the most amazing and perfect foods ever. I am all about sharing my vast skills and knowledge through clean and locally sourced products that I manipulate into the fruits of my passion and your fantastic voyage through my career in food. Join me for your dream adventure in culinary travels.

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