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Paige Common Owner, Creator, Chef, Educator

Detroit born and bred, soulful living inspires this gal: vibrant food, hearty laughter, and an active life. As a yoga instructor and elementary educator, Paige prepared vegan foods in her Portland home, giving life to Eatin' Alive in 2010.

Along with supervision of Eatin Alive production, Paige offers personal chef and nutrition consultation. Hire Paige to clean out your pantry, help with shopping lists, recipe plans, kids’ lunches, work snacks. Whether it’s calorie intake, reducing inflammation, introducing a new diet (gluten-free, paleo, raw, etc.), Paige works with individuals to customize dietary lifestyles for each unique body and vision.

Paige is available for catering events, speaking engagements, and teaching workshops.

When she’s not working, find Paige sampling menus and relaxing in restaurants, surfing the coast, on forest trails and her yoga mat.

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