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I've been cooking since high school and have never looked back. I grew up in the SF bay area with a family who also loved food and traveled around extensively to get to it, be it mexican, chinese, fresh dungeness crab, artichokes, fresh stone fruit on the way back home from water skiing we enjoyed all that our area had to offer. 20 years ago I moved to NY and had to make the adjustment to cooking seasonally. I ran a farm to table restaurant for 11 years, our farm supplied us with heirloom breeds like scotch highland cattle, red wattle pigs, large black pigs, shetland sheep and some others so I really expanded my knowledge of having to cook so close to the land. It was great to build a business in the community that was so warmly supported for all those years. Now that I am on my own I am looking for a different food experience in terms of how I deliver that, I also did a private chef stint when I 1st moved toNY well if you call 6 years a stint. The couple I cooked for were older but affluent and very involved in the arts so they entertained frequently when the art center that he ran was open. I was lucky enough to have cooked for Ravi Shankar and Carter Brown who was the director of the national gallery in DC, among others. So it's so far been a great experience to be in the food business, certainly challenging but ALWAYS fullfilling ! I would say the bulk of my learning years was in SF. I worked at some great restaurants as the whole foodie movement was taking shape back home. Farmers markets were a part of life not an awakening being exposed to it all was like not enough hours in the day to take everything in. Since I chose not to pursue culinary school I worked in a lot of restaurants to get as much as could. I had an opportunity to move east and I took it. And that is how I got NY

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