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I'm the creator of Veggie y Que, a Vegan Mexican Recipes Blog. When I went vegan I feared I would miss the traditional foods I grew up with. However, I quickly realized I could continue to enjoy all my favorite foods without animal products. I imagined there were more people as myself who shared the same fear. So I started my Vegan Mexican Recipes Blog to help other Latinos to see how they too can be Vegan and enjoy all the food we love! I've been cooking for years, however, my best has come from cooking vegan. I hope to inspire more people to go vegan. My blog has grown to an Instagram page as well as You Tube channel which showcase my recipes. All my recipes are traditional dishes from Mexico. I also produce a monthly Vegan Food Festival called La Vida Verde Marketplace. Which has helped spread the word to the community on vegan food.

I hope to serve you soon!


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