About me

Hey everyone! A couple things about me:

Most importantly, I love to eat! Oddly enough though, I'm terrible at cooking =/. My favorite food is Filipino food (I'm Filipino). But I've yet to come across food that I don't like. My one foodie regret is chickening out in the Philippines when offered to try balut (fertilized duck egg). I don't know, it just looks so funky. I'm going to the Philippines again soon, so I'll be brave this time, I swear...

I love to travel. I'm from the US, so I've been to a lot of the state and national parks here. Other countries I've been to include the UK, Spain, France, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. My top travel highlights... hard to choose, but here's 3: trekking in the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines with my family, visiting the amazing Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and a 6 week train trip across Canada with my younger sister. For my next great adventure I'll be traveling through New Zealand on a 12 month working holiday visa!

I also love to read, specifically books that help me learn about other parts of the world, other cultures, world events I'm not knowledgeable about. This often ends up a mix of travel, history, culture, sometimes even politics.
Favorite authors: James Clavell, Bill Bryson, Andrew X. Pham, Paul Theroux, Mitch Albom, Eckhart Tolle
Favorite books: Shogun, Tai-Pan, The Lost Continent, A Walk in the Woods, Catfish and Mandala, Eaves of Heaven,The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks, Light on Life, The Great Railway Bazaar, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, The Four Loves, Into Thin Air, Tuesdays with Morrie... and many more.

Favorite music genre: Folk/Indie
Favorite artists: Lord Huron, Balmorhea

My other interests include hiking, yoga, tennis, swimming, kayaking, biking, anything that gets me outdoors and active.

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