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Cooking with an art is cooking from the heart and that's where i Chef Kegel Ashbal comes in. After a fierce coming up in Caribbean culinary, I've watch a savored my families cooking very deliciously made and plated. When i was eight in the summer time my siblings and i would create a small would fire surrounded by three medium rocks from the bayshore . We would then light the fire with a dangerous liquid call kerosene oil. At eighth years old i managed to light that fire and put it out. We would gather our ingredients of fresh fish, rice, beans, corn, chicken and our seasonings and all of us would have a task to bring the very tasteful dish with a hint of smokey to our palate. After the years go by i was discovered by this very special lady who owned a restaurant in my town just like 8 houses away from my home. The restaurant was call Mahattan Gardens, the chef Rosalind Warner stop me one day coming home from school and ask if i would like a part time job in her restaurant . It was a yes the rest was history, cooking delicious food with the New York inspired Caribbean chef. I love to traveling and tasting the difference styles of cooking from around the globe and getting ideas to bring back home. You are welcome to my kitchen, warm, cozy, delightful with very decent setting.

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