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I'm an author, travel writer, and former food writer who spent the last 5 years traveling full time while continuing to work. My favorite respite from deadlines was to learn whatever I could about the local cuisine. In Turkey, I discovered that there are entire towns where the main businesses are car washes that also happen to serve fabulous traditional dishes at long tables crowned with billowing canopies and surrounded by fragrant, flowering trees. In New Zealand, that the country is home not only to excellent Sauvignon Blanc, but to some of the best (if alas, least exported) red wine varietals. In Emilia-Romagna, Italy, I learned that there is a vast universe of pasta dishes that most non-Italians have experienced. In Ireland--OK, I'm biased as I used to live there—I was reminded that old stereotypes do not apply to the sophisticated and adventurous range of Irish cooking. Now that Covid has put a temporary stop to my wandering, I'm crossing as many culinary cultures as possible via online platforms from my kitchen!

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