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I simply love cooking for and hosting groups of people!

I grew up standing next to my mom in the kitchen, watching and helping her cook for our 100 people Christmas parties and other events, that my parents hosted in the 60's & 70's. As a child and adolescent I found myself organizing and hosting my own events which naturally carried into my adult life as I had my own family. Being an empty nester now and finished with the hustle & bustle of the duties of raising two beautiful daughters who also like to cook, I am excited about sharing my love of hosting & cooking with whoever would like to join my table.

Over the last two decades, through necessity for myself and my family, I have adapted a gluten free diet, as well as, recently, a dairy free diet. Over the years I have found many ways of adapting these intolerances to many dishes. If I were to label my food it would probably be "back-to-basics nourishing soul food". One of my favorite staples in the kitchen is homemade bone broths of which I incorporate into my meals often. I love anything that is made from simple ingredients. If I cannot understand, or do not know what something is on a list of ingredients, I generally do not use it.

I think that every dinner party takes on a life and character of its own once people arrive and the festivities begin, but the ambiance of the place and the care that goes into preparing the feast will surely provide the foundation to welcome those in search of nourishment and connection.

A few of the things that I love in life, besides cooking, include my passion for playing and teaching African style rhythm on the drum, the Waldorf high school art classes that I teach, hosting house concerts to support those in the arts, writing, fabrics, qigong, hiking and just being connected to great outdoors on a regular basis. Places I would love to visit some day include Africa, the Caribbean Islands, Ireland, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand and the list goes on...

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