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Jenlogix low cost Early Earthquake Warnings can protect your site and its inhabitants, using the P-wave based Palert system. The specially developed and scientifically proven algorithm makes Palert a unique solution in the earthquake pre-warning industry.

If you own a business, you need to help warn staff of earthquakes before the shock waves arrive. The safety of you and your employees must be the top priority, and at Jenlogix, we understand this. Our earthquake detector will warn you, automatically shut down your systems, and afterwards provide insight on how an earthquake has affected your infrastructure.

Earthquakes, even small ones, can trigger landslides and tsunamis, which can cause further damage. Be pragmatic and install Palert systems in your building, adding another level of insurance. You can save time, money and further stress by ascertaining the safety of a building immediately after an earthquake, and Palert can help by providing engineers with structural health data.

Jenlogix is a 100% New Zealand owned company, providing computer solutions for more than 30 years. San Lien is a high-tech oriented manufacturing company, founded in Taiwan in 1967. Together, the two companies bring you Palert.

All Palert products are independently lab calibrated and certified, and all collected data becomes the property of the purchaser. Jenlogix also provides an earthquake text alert system and a Shake Map server, both on a subscription basis. Protect yourself and your building with this unique earthquake detector and seismic monitor*.

To know more about earthquake signs or earthquake alarm, visit our website at http://www.earthquakeearlywarning.systems/ .

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