About me

I'm a Korean-American daughter of immigrants, born and raised in NYC but have been living in Los Angeles for 10 years (16 total in California!).

My culinary obsessions pile on with each new inspiring dish, and especial when I travel and taste all the local flavors. I always come back from a foreign place or a new restaurant or a friend's family traditional (or non-traditional) table thinking, "Wow, I really need to make that, now that I know what it tastes like!"

I love all things spicy, spiced, and with unlikely, unexpected but blow-your-mind combos of flavors or ingredients. But, I'm also obsessed with perfecting surprisingly never-the-same simple things like a buttermilk biscuit.

Most importantly, I believe in all things that are lovemade, and that every dish has a story.

Let's cook and eat and share, humans of the world!

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