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Hi. My name is Guillermo Barrantes and I recently moved to Dallas from Boston. I'm originally from Costa Rica and have lived in the United States for 20 years. Both my grandma and my mom are excellent cooks. My grandma made a living by catering dinners and baking pastries and wedding and birthday cakes for her clients. As a child I would watch her work at her table mixing flour and eggs to create some delicious pastry. My first set of real cooking skills I got from my mom when I was young. I would spend a lot of time helping her in the kitchen preparing lunch for my whole family.

As an adult I found myself in a long-term relationship where my partner was an excellent home cook. Because of this role he generally was the one that prepared meals for us. When I found myself single again, I started developing a real interest in cooking; first for myself then for one or two close friends.

Little by little my interest grew and I would have friends more often. Having friends at my kitchen island preparing food became one of my favorite, relaxing and rewarding experiences.

One day a couple of months ago, I ran across an article on websites like these. I immediately thought this would be something I would be interested in. With the encouragement of my best friend I have decided to register as a cook.

Although I keep a solid list of dishes that I like to entertain with, for this opportunity I have decided to develop a brand-new menu based on the foods that I grew up eating in Costa Rica. With my grandma's recipe book and my mom's advice over FaceTime, I started trying the recipes with my friends. Needless to say the dishes were a success which gave me the encouragement I needed to sign up.

My experience is intended for anyone that has been to Costa Rica and want to try the flavors they remember, or someone that is interested in an international experience with authentic flavors.

As much as I can, I use products from Costa Rica or Central America, organic when possible. All my dishes have a story and all are delicious.

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