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Fire Rating Solutions can manage all your passive fire protection requirements from project start to finish, offering full installation for their fire protection services or simply providing you with suitable products to install yourself.
FRS is the largest specialist passive fire protection company in Victoria with over 20 years of experience in this niche market. Whether you have a one-off project or require ongoing maintenance, FRS is able to provide you with leading-edge fire rated systems, products and services.
These passive fire protection requirements may include fire penetration sealing, PVC pipe penetration sealing, vermiculite spray, intumescent or heatproof paint, or an audit of your existing building conditions.
Common examples of situations that passive fire protection include penetrations through fire walls and floors with electrical services, PVC pipes, hot/cold water services and sprinkler pipes. Vermiculite fire spray for mechanical ductwork and structural steel, as well as intumescent paint for structural steel, is also a common example of where passive fire proofing is required.
Through their extensive experience in the building, industrial and mining sectors, FRS has developed efficient installation procedures and methods and are armed with world-leading equipment, both of which reduce costs and save time for all their customers.
Visit the Fire Rating Solutions website today for the best passive fire protection services in Melbourne, Australia.

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