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enableMe is a financial planning hub, offering personalised financial advice from their team of industry experts. Founded by Director Hannah McQueen, the company is driven by Hannah’s strong desire to help other New Zealanders get ahead in life faster.

The financial personal trainers at enableMe will support you in every step towards financial freedom. They are highly trained, professional advisers, and will help you identify financial goals, create a plan to make them happen, and keep you on track to achieving success.

To achieve this, enableMe helps their clients create a sustainable cash surplus and use their patented mortgage repayment formula to help New Zealanders become debt free sooner. Throughout the process they educate, coach and support their clients to become smarter about how Kiwis spend, save and invest their wealth.

Since 2007, the financial personal trainers at enableMe have enabled more than 6,000 Kiwis to achieve their financial goals. Whether you want to get focussed on your finances, get rid of your mortgage and build wealth, or set yourself up to relax financially and enjoy your retirement, the experts at enableMe will help you achieve financial freedom faster.

Looking for a financial advisor? Visit the enableMe website for an obligation-free consultation and start achieving your financial goals today!

To know more about financial advisor, financial consultant or certified financial planner, visit our website at http://enableme.co.nz/ .

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