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I have always loved the kitchen and has been Mama's little helper since childhood. She taught me the secrets and subtleties of mixing Caribbean flavors, herbs and spices. During this time, I discovered my passion for great foods. I was born and raised in a family who love food, growing up in Jamaica. Food was meant to bring people together; I enrolled myself in culinary school. This led me to Working in the hotel and restaurant industry for many years.
My culinary concept is based on the simplicity and the elegance of eating well. Focusing on healthy food preparation, the best seasonal products, farm to table with new methods and updated cooking techniques. Executing mama’s authentic traditional Jamaican recipes.
Developing special recipes combined the right super foods together improving all body function.
In the time left, I considerate myself as one of the few pioneer Personal chef hosting scenario of the future of dinning. With a passion for food and excitement. I create a secret kitchen where it is possible to taste the ultimate authentic experience great food and of dinning. Where high end cuisine meets down home comfort for that simple home cooked loving Food! Creates the perfect match for the occasion.
My goal is a memorable moment with experience for my guests.Taste delicious foods and meet interesting people
If you do not see an event on a date that works for you, feel free to click on the calendar icon on any menu and request another date. see you at my next event.

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