About me

For those who know food, cooking is not a job, it's a love affair. Having been involved in restaurants and catering for over 20 years, that magic has not waned for me...I still find myself hypnotized by the beauty and magic of food.
Originally intending to pursue a career in academia, I worked, like many students, in restaurants, bars, and catering during my school years. By fate or chance, I found myself under the tutelage of several great chefs and eventually decided to work at what I adore, working my way up through the ranks in kitchens around the city, the country, and the world. Along the way I became a personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist which has greatly influenced my cooking. I have developed a focus on health-supportive cooking prepared to the highest standards of fine-dining preparation and presentation.
Today I work primarily as a private chef both for contracted events and for Common Fare, the private dining club I founded in 2013.

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