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I moved to a farm in Sonoma, CA in 2008 because one day while living as a Jazz musician in New York City, I realized that I had no idea what a tomato, cucumber or any other vegetable looked like growing in the wild. They all only existed in grocery stores to me...packaged in plastic.
So I went to Cali and after 9 months of farm work, got a job as a cheese monger in downtown Sonoma (the owner said I had a great palette--which I didn't really understand but was honored to hear) and that was my intro to the food world.
I fell in love with it, and moved to Oakland where I worked in a Macrobiotic restaurant, and then worked my way up to being the Head Chef at a yoga and meditation ashram in Oakland. There I spent 4 years totally immersing myself in the study of traditional Indian cuisine, Ayurveda (the Indian medicinal/culinary system) and vegetarian fare. This was an incredible experience and completely informs the way I cook to this day. I started getting interested in the meat-centric culinary traditions of Europe and wanted to expand my skills to the restaurant world, so during the last 3.5 years, I have worked at various farm-to-table restaurants in the bay area, including Venus, Revival Bar and Kitchen, Gregoire, Summer Kitchen and a year stint as the Head Chef at the San Francisco Art Institute.
My goal is to synthesize all the elements of my culinary path into an amazing, nourishing and accessible experience for my guests. Specifically, for Feastly, I'm excited to offer authentic 6-7 course farm-to-table Indian meals (called Thalis) and 4 course California cuisine influenced Supper Clubs with live Jazz.

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