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I started cooking by switching professions in 2006 from self-employed contractor to dishwasher.
Cooking always was my first passion and starting from the bottom gave me a solid prospective. Over the years with lots of traveling and spending time in all sorts of kitchens from mom-pop shops to Michelle Starred. Having amazing teachers who always taught authentic craftsmanship and stressed sustainable practices.
After spending years of being an executive chef managing in some reputable kitchens I've become more focused on my own cuisine. I've begun to share more of my family’s history and where I come from.When I was young my family would spend summers down in Mexico. With my great grandparents who had several small family restaurants and ranches. Most days were spent in the restaurants with my uncles and aunts teaching me how I could be helpful and make tips for spending money on our trip. I always stuck close to my great grandfather while he visited the farms making his daily rounds. He picked up the veggies and livestock, took it to butcher and hauled it into the kitchens. This taught me more about my family and all the hard-working hands that farm and prepare our food.
After spending time away form home ive returned with a tremendous amount of appreciation for the farm rich town I was raised in. Every visit home I learned something new about the amazing resources I was raised around and with excitement to see whats possible through hard work and good cooking. No matter the menu ingredients will always be locally sourced and in season.
I believe the best meals are shared with great company it’s where we share about where we’ve been and make plans for the future.

Most recently Executive Chef at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs
Able to write and execute menus for all groups sizes and occasions.

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