About me

Born and raised in Russia, I am a finance geek with passion for cooking.
During my childhood, the women of my family had a big influence in shaping my cooking style: their stories, passion and respect for our culinary traditions enchanted me as the curious young boy I was, toddling around in the kitchen.
I cherished those stories ever since and as soon as I grew older I started recreating and experimenting the recipes of my childhood memories, hoping to be able to reproduce those tastes and scents I can still vividly recall. Sometimes I feel I miss the “grandmother touch”, the unique ability of creating amazing dishes with few ingredients and bring the family together around the table.
Living in the US exposed me to a melting pot of culinary influences that I could not ignore. Instead, I let Italian and Chinese cuisine influence the way I cook, to create a variety of recipes not affected but enriched by the new knowledge I gained with time.
Yet, the main thread of my cooking remains healthy dishes and authentic recipes of Russian, Ukrainian and Czech cuisines made with fewer ingredients from the local farmer’s market.

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