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I am a young passionate chef from Los Angeles, CA. My career in cooking all started after high school when I moved to Paris, France and received a diploma in Culinary and Pastry Arts from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris where I learned fundamental cooking and pastry techniques which help me get closer to perfecting this art and mastering its science. Upon completing my training I staged at Le Petit Bordelais in Paris which was a bistronomique restaurant specializing in Southwestern French Food. I have even had amazing opportunities such as working at a winery named Chateau Siaurac in Bordeaux where I learned the craft of making fine wine and also have worked in one of the oldest Parisian restaurants known as Drouant now owned by Chef Antoine Westermann. I have visited many vineyard regions including Champagne, Bordeaux, and Cognac where I had the chance to visit the domaines of great names like Ulysse Collin, Jacques Selosse, Chateau Valandraud, M. Chapoutier, and Delamain to name a few. After returning to my beloved home of Los Angeles, I began working for Nancy Silverton at Osteria Mozza where I got an introduction to Italian and Californian cuisines. I am currently taking a break from working in restaurants to focus on my own recipes that I aim to present to the world. My style of cooking represents my time in France, my Armenian heritage, and the beautiful terroir of California.

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