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Chef Anthony Thomas might have grown up in the small
city of Mount Rainier, Maryland right outside of
Washington, D.C, but his pride and dedication to the
Washington Redskins runs deep. Just ask him about how
thrilled he was to cater a private event for his favorite
team's cheerleaders. "A good friend was dating a
Redskins cheerleader and asked me to cater an event for
the cheerleader and her friends. I served amazing,
healthy food, and the event was a huge success! Plus,
Chef Anthony says, he could discuss sports and football -
two of his other favorite subjects.

Born in Washington, D.C., and raised less than a mile away
from the city in Maryland, Chef Anthony, or "Chef" as he
likes to be called, discovered his talent for cooking as a
teenager. He then became interested in cooking healthy food at the age of 20 after being diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening brain condition called Arteriovenous Malformation. He underwent surgery and attributes the lack of any recurring symptoms to eating nutritious food and
living a healthy lifestyle. He says healthy eating and longevity go hand-in-hand.

At 21 years old, and while attending Bowie State University pursuing a duel degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, Anthony embraced his longtime passion for cooking and launched Chef Anthony Events. In 2009, at the age of 23, he changed the name of his catering business to 'Chef Anthony
Events, LLC.' He has catered hundreds of events in the Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, GA Metropolitan areas - ranging from banquets, weddings, corporate parties, baby showers, bridal showers, intimate gatherings from 1 guest to 300 guests. He gained significant experience in the
culinary world, and his business is flourishing.

Since 2014, Chef Anthony has built a network of fellow chefs - some of whom he works with, and others to whom he offers internship opportunities. Over the past year, he started a healthy meal preparation catering initiative under the Chef Anthony Events umbrella, specializing as a dietary restriction/ food allergy friendly weight loss and wellness

In addition to being a chef, he is also a husband, the father of a two year old daughter, and a recipe book author. In 2016, he released his first cookbook called, "ChefAntWow: Vol. 1 A Collection of Recipes” on Amazon and Kindle. He is regionally known for his mastery of healthy cuisines which
range from American, Southern, Italian, and Asian. He is perhaps most notably known for the creativity he brings to every meal he prepares. He also produces and sells an Everything Seasoning which is amazing on meats and veggies of all sorts. During the summer season, he also releases for a limited time a Smoke House Rub great on ribs and practically anything you throw on the grill.

Lastly, as an all year-round options, he sells a bottle BBQ Sauce that has secret ingredients that pair so well together.

Giving back to the community is something Chef Anthony has always wanted to do and with the highly risen homeless population in and around Washington, DC, he chooses one weekend a month to pass out amazing hot meals around the city to the hungry. Also giving lightly worn clothes, hats,
shoes and pants to those in need. "The Lord will always bless me as long as I’m blessing those around me who cannot do anything for me. I enjoy being that guy and I do it for no recognition whatsoever.

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