About me

Jen is a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute, budding charcuterie nerd, and evangelist for local produce. In addition to putting on dinners for the Meadowlark supper club, she recently completed an internship at Nostrana, a fabulous Italian restaurant here in Portland. A dedicated social justice advocate, her professional background also includes several years of organizing CSAs in low-income neighborhoods for Just Food, a fantastic food justice organization based in New York City.

My cooking partner Emily is an intrepid home cook, artisan bread baker, and editor of cookbooks and other books about food. In addition to nurturing her sourdough starter, she enjoys exploring culinary traditions from around the world, especially the rustic edges of cuisines ranging from Mediterranean to East Asian. Fascinated by the magical process by which microbes transform raw ingredients into something delicious, Emily is also an avid fermenter and home brewer.

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